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Our Investment methodology

We believe that we need to mix tradition with innovation by changing the perspective on the current status quo.

The Challenges

Global Recession & Inflation

Changing Markets

Economic Crisis 

Technology Shift

Fast Changes

How we solve it

Actually there is no proven way to solve the challenges we are currently facing. Because no one is able to predict the exact future. That’s why we believe that the investment strategy of the future needs to build more flexible and to be able to react instantly on economy impacts. 

✳︎ Our Model

Our investment model is based on a mix on investing in future innovations with a higher risk but also higher return potential, as well as in traditional long-term assets to build a stable fundamental.


Investing in innovators that are about to move the world forward as the next generation entrepreneurs

The primary purpose of the whole BIG FIVE Group is to build and establish a new generation of consumer brands and business innovations that exist to simplify complexity and to give future consumers and additional product choice. With our incubation division the BIG FIVE Enterprises we support ambitious founders to move the world forward. The BIG FIVE Investments enables this innovations with funds to help them realizing impactful ideas that solve exciting challenges. 


Investing in the growing digital asset community by using knowledge instead of hope and pray

In a fast moving world where technology plays more and more a fundamental role in our global economy we see an ongoing trend to invest in digital assets that will change the world. We are active supporters of the blockchain and believe that the next evolution of the internet will be fully driven by this technology. That’s why we are investing in innovations that support the establishment of this technology. 


Investing in long-term traditional assets to build a secured fundamental

We don’t believe that traditional assets like Real Estate or Stock Assets will disappear from the investment markets. But we believe that we will se a shift on who will dominate these markets. Therefore we are focused on investment opportunities that connect traditional assets with modern-day way to invest. 

✳︎ The Fund Pool

Portfolio Split

The above chart shows the all over split of our investment portfolio and how it is splitted into our different sectors. 

BIG FIVE Foundation Share

From our generated profits we are giving 20% to the BIG FIVE Foundation to support charity projects around the world. 

Portfolio Development

Based on our group wide forecast we’ve the vision to manage a global portfolio of $75 Million until 2030 and grow it to at least $200 Million until 2040. 

✳︎ We are ready to invest. Are you?

BIG FIVE Investment has the mission to invest in future innovations and enables people from all over the world to participate a a new generation of shareholders. Therefore we build new community driven investment opportunities for everyone.