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Sustainable Investments

Our world is in change, but that’s always true. We see a shift in our current investment economy and we’re excited to play an active role in creating the future by investing in what’s needed. 

We invest in assets that are made to create the future and have a impact on the current status quo.

We are a independent investment management division that works globally with partners and innovators to invest in future oriented assets. Asset that help us to realize our overall vision of building impactful businesses and brands that move the world forward into a new defined consume system. Other than other investment companies we are not primary focused to satisfy shareholders or private investors. As our only shareholder is the BIG FIVE Group and we operate independent with the mission to build wealth through smart investment that will be used to invest in changing the status quo. 

Investment Sectors

Real Estate

Based on strong international partnerships we invests in traditional real estate projects around the world to build a strong asset fundamentals on a long term perspective. 

Joint Ventures

If we get involved in interesting Joint Venture opportunities we love to support them. We do not only invest money in this projects, also we can invest our group wide knowledge that can help to make these projects a success. 

Stock Market

The stock market is still a highly important asset that we can not ignore. Thats why we’re Investing around 10% of out portfolio in long term stocks that we believe will stay in the future. 

Digital Assets

To get a better unterstanding of the future assets of our world and to have a future influence on this whole new financial system we are investing in early stage NFT projects that we think will help us to realize our group wide vision of the BIG FIVE World. 

Long Term Crypto

We believe in the power of the mainstream crypto currencies. That’s why we’re growing our crypto Investment Portfolio of mainstream coins like BTC and ETH on consistency. In a inflationary system this will help to define a different global finance system.

Short Term Crypto

In collaboration with the BIG FIVE Technology department we are running an intelligent analysing system that helps us to recognise short term investment opportunities in an early stage. Our primary focus on short term investments is a legit profit margin from the investments. 

/ How we Invest

The BIG FIVE Invest Method

We’re on a mission to build wealth by changing the perspective on the current status quo. We believe that the global economic change will enable some of the biggest opportunities to invest and use the returns for a different purpose. 

BIG FIVE Investments


20% for charity

BIG FIVE Foundation

✳︎ Venture Funds

Investing in ambitious founders to move the world forward.

We invest in innovative business ideas and brands backed by future thinking founders that exist to challenge the status quo. As our world is currently changing in so many parts we believe, that right now the next Apples, Amazons, Googles and Teslas are already existing in a stage of an innovative idea. Our mission is to collaborate with the next generation of innovative minds and give them a platform for future thrive. Therefore we are focused on the following industries.

✳︎ Digital Assets

The future will be dominated by digitalization that will open new opportunities.

In a fast moving world where technology plays more and more a fundamental role in our global economy we see an ongoing trend to invest in digital assets that will change the world. We are active supporters of the blockchain and believe that the next evolution of the internet will be fully driven by this technology. That’s why we are investing in innovations that support the establishment of this technology. 

✳︎ Traditional Assets

Investing in Traditional long-term assets by changing the perspective

We don’t believe that traditional assets like Real Estate or Stock Assets will disappear from the investment markets. But we believe that we will se a shift on who will dominate these markets. Therefore we are focused on investment opportunities that connect traditional assets with modern-day way to invest. 

✳︎ Join us as an Investor

We want to enable everyone to invest in the future. Therefore we are establishing next generation investment opportunities driven by modern-day technology that build by a transparency principal