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Dear investors,

the investment fonds of our current economy have reached all time heights in the past years. Trillions of dollars are invested in assets all around the world from which most the private investors can’t really benefit.

Our goal is to build an independent investment ecosystem that is can be opened for everyone in the future based on modern technology and transparency. 

✳︎ Every change bring new opportunities. We are here to recognize them at an early stage

Today's world is a world of change where the upcoming decade will define new standards in many part of human live. We are strong believers in the opportunities change will enable us especially from a investment point of view.

The BIG FIVE Investment is an independent investment division of the BIG FIVE Group that acts globally to invest sustainable in what's next. We're focused on investing in future innovations, a new evolution of assets and in traditional assets by changing the perspective on how to invest on them. Our primary focus is to move forward and not to make the highest returns on the market.

Our approach is to spend funds where they have the biggest impact for the future.

✳︎ The Vision

Our mission is to invest to build a wall street without the "walls" on long-term for our community.


We see a huge opportunity in decentralization technology and are currently investing in projects around the world that share the same understanding. Our goal is to get a deep understanding of the opportunities the blockchain offers to build a whole new platform where our community can invest for the future. 


We are building a global alliance of partners and enterprises that commit to support our big vision by conforming to give 5% of their revenue in to the BIG FIVE Foundation charity fund. 

Open for Everyone

We will close the boundaries to invest. No matter how big or small an investor is we welcome everyone at the BIG FIVE Community. 

✳︎ Investing for a different Purpose

We're giving 20% of our returns to the BIG FIVE Foundation Fund that hast the mission to help solving some of the major challenges in our world.

We’re living in a world full of opportunities but at the same time we face a whole lot more challenges that needs to be solve to ensure the future history of planet earth. Our believe is that we need to dramatically change our perspective and use our modern knowledge and technology to solve the biggest challenges in human history. One of the principles of the BIG FIVE is to simplify the complexity in everything we do. So why not also trying to solve the seemingly impossible by moving forward with some simple but powerful steps. We have some great ideas on how we can have a positive impact on the future and we will not stop until we manage to share our vision with billions around the world. 

To change the world, we need to change the current system at it’s fundamentals. 

Today’s world is a world of extremes. We have the mission to bridge the “big five” of them. Right now on the one side we see a unbelievable wealth development over the past decades. Never before in human history people spend more on consume and enterprises related to any kind of this industries are generation billions and worth trillions. On the other siede there are still billions of humans that are impacted by extreme poverty, lack of fundamentals and education and we face a dramatic change of the global climate that will impact even more.

Now the question is how to solve this mega challenges? We believe that 5% could change the world.

While consumers are spending $63 trillion a year we are about to influence more and more consume enterprises, commit to give 5% of their revenue to build a fund that all exists to really change the world. It needs the help of everyone but as one strong global community we can move forward and share this idea with the upcoming generation.