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Backing the next generation of great entrepreneurs

We bring together great entrepreneurs to invest in missions that aim to bring about a better tomorrow.

What we do

We support ambitious founders with our unique ecosystem and a clear mission to bring together the next generation of great entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo.

We seek out those who challenge the status quo, who see opportunities where others see barriers.

We’re committed to empowering the most innovative minds, providing not just funding, but mentorship, guidance, and a network that fuels their growth.



Specialized in Tokenized Business and Real Estate Asset investments. 



Until 2035 we will manage assets with a total valuation of $ 1 billion.



We invest in Blockchain, Biotech, Commerce, Technology and Space.



Currently we are invested in 5 different assets across our funds.

Invest in what's next by the power of Blockchain

We believe that blockchain technology will change most of our know industries in the future and creates whole new industries as well. As a part of the BIG FIVE GROUP, which hast the mission to change entrepreneurship with blockchain we want to have a impact for the investment industry. 

Therefore we bring our investment funds in a decentralized way on the blockchain to enable everyone to join them. By tokenizing real world assets and by the usage of AI we are about to build an entirely new and transparent asset ecosystem. 

Investment Savanna


Blockchain offers transparency, security, and efficiency by decentralizing data across multiple systems, preventing tampering, and reducing reliance on intermediaries. Its widespread application across finance, healthcare, and supply chains positions it as a transformative force for diverse industries.


Biotechnology is revolutionizing industries by enabling genetic modifications that enhance crop resilience, advance medical treatments, and accelerate disease prevention. Its potential to solve complex biological challenges positions it as a pivotal tool for sustainable development and improved health outcomes globally.


E-commerce revolutionizes shopping by offering convenience, wider selections, and competitive pricing, accessible from anywhere at any time. Its rapid growth, enhanced by advanced technologies, positions it as the dominant future model for retail, catering to evolving consumer preferences and global connectivity.

Artificial Intelligenz

AI transforms the world by automating complex tasks, enhancing decision-making with predictive analytics, and personalizing user experiences. Its ability to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately will revolutionize industries, improve healthcare outcomes, and create more efficient systems globally.


Commercial space travel promises unprecedented opportunities for tourism, resource extraction, and scientific research. As technology advances and costs decrease, this sector is poised to become a major industry, offering novel experiences and driving economic growth through new markets and technological innovations.

Real Estate Tokens

Real estate tokenization democratizes property investment by dividing assets into digital shares, accessible globally. This lowers entry barriers, enhances liquidity, and simplifies transactions, transforming real estate into a more flexible and inclusive market.




The BIG FIVE fund is a token based fund on the blockchain that we build and use to invest in future innovations for the Blockchain, Biotech, Commerce, AI, Technology and commercial Space industry. We use the fund to buy tokenized business shares and manage the fund driven by smart tech-solutions. 

Fund Information:

Fund Token: $B5FX

Minimum Investment: $1,000

Subscription: Monthly

Blockchain: Ethereum



BIG FIVE properties is a unique real estate tokenization fund that will revolutionize the traditional real estate investment industry. We will bring real world real estate assets around the world on the blockchain and enable our community to benefit from a growing portfolio. With the support of our creative minds a the BIG FIVE Services unit we will create unique real estate brands that will attract the right investors to join the fund. 

Fund Information:

Fund Token: $B5PX

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Subscription: Yearly

Blockchain: Ethereum

Supported by a unique ecosystem

BIG FIVE Investments is a Business Unit within the BIG FIVE GROUP, a modern-day business building, media and investment company that provides a unique ecosystem that exists to onboard entrepreneurship to web 3 by building communities and providing infrastructure. 

Venture Network

We connect our new backed ventures with our existing global venture network that is managed by the BIG FIVE enterprises unit. 


BIG FIVE media will help to create unique content formats that will drive the needed attention to our newly backed venture. 


BIG FIVE services helps our ventures to solve exciting challenges by offering creative marketing and technology solutions. 


We will enable our amazing NFT based community to join our funds to bring enable new innovations at scale and to grow our funds influence. 

An asset portfolio for what's next