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Invest in what's next

We invest in future innovative assets and intellectual property that will build a hybrid economy.

We're building wealth by investing in next generation assets that will help to realize our overall big vision and spend it sustainable to outgrow our future impact on building the next evolution of businesses.

BIG FIVE Investment is the independent investment division of the BIG FIVE Group that uses 25% of the Group revenue to reinvest it for a different purpose. We are focused on long term investment to build a stable and sustainable portfolio. From the investment returns we invest more than the half in new innovations that are supported by the BIG FIVE Enterprises, a modern day venture and incubation division. 20% of our global returns will be donated to the BIG FIVE Foundation that supports game changing charity projects and organizations around the world that share our vision of how we can have an impact for a better tomorrow. 

Investment Savanna

Intellectual Property

We believe in the future of the blockchain and invest wisely in intellectual property and NFTs that are build to impact the future.

We see a huge opportunity in NFTs for the future by changing the psrspective.

What most don't understand at it's fully is one of the biggest shifts in the history of assets in our opinion. We believe that NFTs are about to change whole industries in the next decade or two. Therefore we are building a portfolio of NFT investments that are made to impact the future. We're also working as investor for the BIG FIVE Savanna Club an intellectual property community created by the BIG FIVE Group.

Digital Assets

The evolution of technology gives us never before seen opportunity to invest with high returns we grow our portfolio with future innovating digital assets.

Connecting the reality with the digital world and supporting a new evolution of innovation

What might sound confusing for most of us will be most normal for the upcoming generation. Digital Assets are a new way to invest smart, better, faster than ever before. We will invest a recognizable share of our portfolio in future digital assets to help creating a different market economy.

Real Estate

We invest in one of the most long-term investment sectors of all time and enable new investment models made for the future.

Building a global real estate portfolio that all exist for a different purpose.

Real Estate is a well know traditional asset, established for decades. On the one side we work with global partners to invest in long-term deals. On the other side we support innovations to create a new real estate economy all driven by modern technologies.

Venture Funds

We support ambitious founders that move the world forward. We're committed to invest in new ventures collected by the BIG FIVE Enterprises.

Supporting innovative founders moving the world forward.

We believe in the power of new innovations that are about to change the status quo. In a collaboration with the BIG FIVE Enterprises we invest in new innovative ideas and problem solving founder teams to build a next generation venture portfolio.

Stock Markets

We believe that we will see a whole different stock market in the future. We are open to build a portfolio as shareholders of the next game changers.

From tradition to innovation, looking for what's next.

Changes always belongs with new opportunities. We believe that the next 10 years will define the fundamentals of the next global players. We build a mixed portfolio of traditional long term stock assets and upcoming game changers that will dominate the global stock markets in the future.

✳︎ What is our purpose?

We invest in what's needed to challenge the status quo. We means us and our whole BIG FIVE Community. We are about to establish alternative opportunities and create whole new economies that allow us to build wealth and invest it to fulfill a different purpose.